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5 reasons you’re attracting DIY clients that can’t afford you….


Let’s be real, this is the most frustrating part of business.

Having a gift, getting clients amazing results, but STILL having so many people in your pipeline that aren’t ready to invest.

And most business owners will just write this off as a part of doing business, that weeding through the bad to get to the good should just be a part of our routine, but I’m calling SHENANIGANS!

If you’re spending MONTHS trying to convert your leads into clients and hearing “I can’t afford it” here’s 5 mistakes you’re probably making!

1. You’re using broke language. Yes you read that right. When you push on pain points, you attract people who are in a pain state. Premium clients may be struggling BUT they aren’t in a pain state. They are in an ACTION state. They know they have a problem and they want to FIX the problem, therefore making them more attracting to visualizing CHANGE than looking at PAIN.

2. You’re using complicated marketing. Low ticket funnels, checklists, guides, and long webinars are all breeding ground for those freebie seekers. Think of it this way, someone who is TIRED of struggling and wants a FIX, doesn’t want to go through a bunch of complicated processes. They want a solution and they want it NOW.

3. You look and sound like EVERYBODY else. Premium clients have done their homework, if your messaging and positioning sounds like all the other people in your industry they won’t even bother learning more. They are seeking a different, INNOVATIVE way to solve their problems.

4. You can’t articulate the HOW. Here’s the deal people, most people are stuck in telling people the WHAT but not being able to show HOW. That’s the equivalent of you telling total strangers to just trust you. Super backwards, right? You need to be able to show them HOW you get them results!

5. You don’t have a system. Here’s the deal, if you’re going live, creating more content, doing a new webinar, and just using the messy strategy of do it all, you’re going to REPEL premium clients. Your goal is to make it an EASY YES, every time! Having a system, start to finish, from introduction to signed on as a client allows you to shortcut the process and take YOU out of the process.

So if you’re TIRED of attracting clients who CAN’T afford your services, and you want to have ONE simple, organic and EVERGREEN system that positions you as the ONLY and incomparable solution and turns COLD leads HOT in 7 days, we need to chat ASAP.

Drop CHAT below and I’ll reach out to show you how my Netflix inspired system can help you serve MORE premium clients in your business!

Are premium clients coming to you?

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Complicated Marketing is a turnoff for PREMIUM Clients



This week I’ve had the opportunity to do a dozen Client Acquisition Audits for SO many gifted and talented women who want to sign more premium clients consistently.

And what I’m finding is that so many gifted coaches, consultants and healers are making it hard for their premium clients to say yes.

I get it, you’re bombarded with information on the “next big thing” you have to have in your business to consistently bring in leads and convert them.

😩So you build a complicated funnel with upsells and tripwires and everything in between.

😩And a webinar.

😩You do live launches.

😩You create a freebie and a powerful email sequence.

😩And you create a Facebook group, go live 2 x’s a week and create content nonstop.

And suddenly you’re spending ALL of your time marketing, only to keep hearing “I can’t afford it”


You’re spending 90+ days trying to turn your leads into paying clients.

👉But truth is, complicated marketing repels premium clients.

👈Tapping into your premium client requires simplification!

Look at it this way, if you were looking to collapse time and solve a problem right now, would you want to spend hours, days, or weeks going through long funnels?


You’d want that solution, and you’d want it NOW.

So if you’re a gifted coach, consultant or healer and you’re goal is to work with PREMIUM clients, that are ready to invest and don’t bat an eye at your high ticket prices….

QUIT complicated marketing!

Make it as easy as possible for people to say YES.

Here’s how I help my clients do this….

🚀We develop proprietary methodology so that they are seen as the ONLY solution. If people can compare you with other solutions, they will. Developing proprietary methodology takes you to the next level so that you’re no longer comparable, allowing you to 5-10x your prices and have premium clients line up to work with you!

🚀We leverage a Netflix Style Client Acquisition System. We make it easy for your clients to say yes by delivering them with bite size and binge worthy mini series that uses a proven, sales psychology framework, to turn cold leads into clients in under 7 days.

🚀Results + Retention. Your scalable offer has to do more than just look irresistible. It has to deliver consistent results. So whether you’re working with 1 client or 100, they get amazing results every time, so they can share that with others and do your marketing for you!

So if you’re ready to double or triple your revenue while impacting more lives serving premium clients, I’d love to chat about how I can support you.

Over the last 10 years I’ve worked with over 400 coaches, consultants and healers to position them as the ONLY, go to solution in their industry.

Drop a YES in the chat below and I’ll reach out ot chat!

PS if you don’t know me, HI, I’m Nas, a Business Strategist and 18 year marketing expert 🙂


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Want PREMIUM clients lining up to work with you? Become INCOMPARABLE.



Here’s the deal, if you look and sound like EVERYBODY else, you will repel premium clients, and get stuck in the demand vortex.

Premium clients are savvy.

They’ve been around the block, tried other things, and what they want now, is an innovative solution.

So when your message looks like every other coach, consultant or healer out there, they keep scrolling.

And what you’re left with, is those freebie seeker clients, that want the easiest and cheapest solution because they don’t know the difference.

Meanwhile, you are stuck chasing demand……

…..hunting down leads, playing the numbers game.

…..pivoting your offers, your message, your funnels, all of it, in hopes that something clicks.

…….Spending all of your time “ON.” Creating more content, going live every day, doing launches, all to stay relevant and chase attention of new leads.

You’re stuck in a demand vortex.

Now let me simplify this for you.

Premium clients want an INNOVATIVE solution and a message that clearly shows HOW you get results.

That’s it.

They don’t want all the fancy stuff you spend hours creating.

Actually, they are repelled by those things, because it it just makes getting what they need (the solution) harder to get to.

This is why my Easy Yes Method™ is a revolutionary system to how you get premium clients lining up to work with you, WITHOUT getting caught in the demand vortex.

Here’s how it works.

1. We create Proprietary Methodology so that you don’t look and sound like ANYONE else. You become KNOWN for your methodology and completely incomparable.

The results?

🔥 You’re commanding 5-10x higher prices because you’re the ONLY solution to your premium clients.

🔥 You’re marketing LESS, and having clients come to YOU because you’re KNOWN and remembered.

🔥 You have a clear and concise message that communicates your value, so you become repeatable!

2. Organic and Evergreen Client Acquisition System. Leads are just ONE piece of the puzzle. You need an end to end system that brings in ready-to-invest leads and then puts your methodology in front of them in a bingable mini series so that they can say YES in DAYS (not months).

The results?

🔥 Having PRE SOLD leads showing up to calls saying “Your methodology is exactly what I need, I know I want to work with you.”

🔥 You stepping away from your computer and phone and going on vacation, or taking the afternoon off with pre sold leads coming to you, because your client acquisition system does the heavy lifting FOR you.

3. Results and Retention. It’s not enough to simply be great at marketing, you need an offer that delivers amazing and consistent results to your clients so that you can retain them long term. We leverage The One Offer Results Formula to create a scalable offer framework that delivers consistent results every time.

The results?

🔥Getting consistent results for your clients so that they become fanatic fans and market you to your audience without you doing anything.

🔥 Increasing retention so that you can continue to make massive impact with your clients without chasing leads!

So if you’re TIRED of hustling for leads, and wading through the sea of freebie clients and you want to have premium clients lining up to work with you, it’s time to become INCOMPARABLE!

Want to learn HOW we can help position you as the ONLY and INCOMPARABLE solution using my Easy Yes Method™?

(Drop your offer and link here) 




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