The “No Convincing Technique”
That Gets Premium Clients to 
Sell Themselves 

The Netflix Inspired System

That Turns Your Audience into Ready-to-Invest Clients that
Sell Themselves 

You’ll walk away from this LIVE, interactive workshop with the ‘No Convincing’ Strategy 416+ of my clients have used to fill their programs with premium clients that sold themselves! LIVE, hands-on workshop,

The last thing you want to do is spend more resources on marketing with people who need you to convince them every step of the way. So let’s fix that….


JUNE 27, 2023, 9:30AM PST | 12:30PM EDT

Let’s Get Real…

Marketing and selling to non-buyers that need to be dragged and convinced every step of the way is NOT the vibe you’re going for in your business. [am I right?]

But before you toss out your marketing or hire another expensive agency [that just fills your pipeline with MORE non-buyers], let’s talk.

…..Because getting ready to buy leads that meet you one day and say “I’m in for your mastermind” the next day, doesn’t actually need to be so complicated.

SO let’s uncomplicate it, shall we?

Truth is, getting ready to invest clients isn’t as complicated as all those gurus have led you to believe. It comes down to these 3 sneaky but simple things that change what type of buyers see you as the high end solution to their unique problems.


In this interactive workshop, you’ll learn first hand, what those shifts are and how tweaking them in your marketing will set you up to turn the tables and get premium clients selling themselves!


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