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Frequently Asked Questions

I am now enrolled to SPA. What's next?

First of all, welcome again to Sustainable Profit Academy!

Watch our Orientation Video here for you to know how to navigate through our dashboard and courses.


How can I access all the important links?

Click here to go to the dashboard:

Here’s a Video Tutorial how to manually go to the SPA Dashboard:

Where and by When do I Submit my Call Questions?

Please submit your questions before calls begin so that I can support you best.

Click here for the link for Call questions:

Video Tutorial where to go for call questions through dashboard:

Where can I watch previous call recordings?
How can I access the Biz Check-ins?

Here are the links where you could submit your works to be checked by Nas:

Complete Biz Check-ins Link:

Reviewed Biz Check-ins Link:

Video Tutorial how to access these via dashboard:

When do I need to submit Biz Check Ins By and when will I get feedback by?

Biz Check Ins must be submitted by Sunday @ 6pm PST to be reviewed for the current week.

Nas will review and add feedback as necessary by Friday for you to review, and she will move the file to your Reviewed Folder.

What if I forget to submit my questions, will I still be able to get my questions answered?

Yes. We will do our best to go through everyone for individual support, but precedence will be given to those who submitted questions and this also allows us to see opportunities for possible trainings if similar questions are shared.

Where can I get support?

As I shared, our goal in the program is to give you the support and strategy needed to get results!  You are not alone in this journey!

The fastest way to get support is inside our Private Facebook Community. I come in here 1-2 times a day to respond to questions and give you support Monday-Friday:
SPA Private Community 

Or you can email me (2-3 day response time):
[email protected]

I'M STUCK! What do I do?

First off, please know you’re only stuck if you don’t ask for support. This community is built to help you thrive and take action.

You can reach out in the SPA FB Community and share where you are getting stuck and how you need support.

You can also reach out to your accountability pod to help you navigate some of the growing pains.

Lastly, mindset is an important part of your growth process. We have an entire section on mindset, and we recommend that before (or when) you feel stuck, to navigate to the mindset trainings to get some motivation and actionable steps as well.

You can access the Mindset Videos Here: